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  • Reporting on time to stay current

For Detailed Insights into the Financial Health of Your Business, Consider Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Car care owners and franchise owners, including parts stores, face a multitude of challenges in running their businesses. From managing the day-to-day operations to tracking parts and inventory, it can be difficult to keep up with the many moving parts. Additionally, owners must keep track of financial records and bookkeeping, which can be especially challenging in a sector with high-volume and low-profit margins. Inaccurate bookkeeping or lack of proper financial controls can lead to significant problems, including cash flow issues, compliance issues, and difficulty securing financing for growth.

By outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping needs to Nikko, you can benefit from the expertise of a team of accounting professionals who specialize in the auto care sector. Nikko’s team has deep knowledge of the unique financial and accounting needs of this industry and can develop tailored accounting solutions that meet each client’s specific needs. Nikko’s technology-neutral approach means that we can work with the accounting systems that you are already using, or can recommend new solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs. By partnering with Nikko, you can focus on their core competencies and grow your businesses while leaving the accounting and bookkeeping to the experts.


Inventory Management

Keeping track of the acquired and returned pats through thorough vendor reconciliation, open returns, and zero margin results

Accounts Payable

Critical accounting process that involves managing and paying a company’s bills and invoices needs expert to handle it with utmost accuracy. Nikko can help you streamline your financial operations, reduce errors and fraud, and save time and money. With our expertise and technology, we can handle the entire AP process, from data entry and invoice processing to payment management and reporting, ensuring timely payments and accurate financial records.

Financial Reporting

Organizations need to be aware of and understand their performance throughout a certain fiscal year. We provide timely analysis of your financials to examine and assess the financial performance of the prior fiscal year. Financial reports would give a performance assessment of the company.

Parts Tracking

Purchase reports for components, vendor reconciliation, and tracking of returned parts through GL

Setting Up and Implementing an Accounting System

Prior time of system configuration and access reorganize and establish standardized operational processes

Accounts Receivable

Process of tracking and managing payments owed to a business by its customers is a very crucial part of accounting. Managing Accounts Receivable can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, making outsourcing to a trusted provider like Nikko a smart choice. Nikko’s experienced team can efficiently manage your invoicing, collection, and cash application processes, ensuring accurate and timely payments, improved cash flow, and better financial control.


Bank, credit card, and account reconciliation is crucial for retail companies to ensure the accuracy of their financial records and transactions. Any discrepancies or errors in reconciliation can lead to costly mistakes that may impact the business’s bottom line. Retail companies often choose to outsource this process to Nikko because our team of experts is well-equipped with the latest accounting practices and technology specific to the retail industry. We provide accurate, efficient, and cost-effective reconciliation services that give retailers peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their core business operations.

Key Benefits

  • Experienced professionals to analyze your business in detail

  • Outsourcing accounting increases efficiency and compliance

  • Accounting services that go beyond tracking expenses and transactions.

  • Free up resources to focus on daily operations and innovation

  • Scale your team to save time and money

  • Access specialized expertise, skills, and technology

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