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Why outsource your Cash Management?

Cash management involves the process of managing a company’s cash flow, optimizing working capital, and mitigating liquidity risks. It is a critical aspect of corporate operations that requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Outsourcing your cash management to Nikko can provide several benefits, including access to their specialized services and resources, reduced operational costs, improved efficiency, enhanced risk management. We can help you optimize your cash position, manage your cash flow, and minimize your liquidity risks with improving your financial performance.

What services are outsourced under Cash Management?

Nikko assists in effectively managing the payables and receivables of clients. Customers will be able to efficiently manage their working capital, save money, and boost their earnings.

Check Processing

Many accounts payable departments are ineffective, which may be costing you money in the form of lost opportunities for early payment discounts, late fees, missed bills, and time wasted making calls and sending faxes seeking further documents. We can help you streamline your Check processing processes so you can always pay your invoices on time.

A/R Collection Analysis

Managing and analyzing outstanding customer payments correctly requires expertise. Outsourcing this process to Nikko can provide several benefits, including increased cash flow, reduced bad debt, improved customer relations, and enhanced efficiency. Our expertise in collections management can help you optimize your collections processes, reduce the risk of late or non-payment, and improve your overall financial performance.

Bank Reconciliation

Comparing a company’s financial records to its bank statements in order to ensure that they match and to identify any discrepancies that need to be resolved. Our expertise involves verifying transactions and balances, ensuring that all bank transactions have been recorded accurately in the company’s books, and reconciling any differences between the bank statement and the company’s records.

Receipts Processing

Receipt processing involves managing the process of receiving and reconciling payments from customers. Outsourcing receipt processing to Nikko can provide several benefits, including improved accuracy, enhanced security, reduced operating costs, and increased efficiency.

Credit Card Reconciliation

Verifying and reconciling credit card transactions with corresponding financial records, such as bank statements, invoices, and receipts. Nikko ensures the accuracy and completeness of credit card transactions and helps identify any discrepancies or errors that may need to be resolved.

Cash & Bank Forecasting

Estimating and predicting the cash and bank balances that a company will have in the future. This process involves analyzing historical data and current trends in order to forecast future cash and bank balances, which can help a company to plan and manage its financial resources more effectively. Our expertise can help managing working capital, identifying potential shortfalls in cash flow, and making informed decisions about investments, loans, and other financial transactions. Accurate cash and bank forecasting can help a company to optimize its cash management strategies, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

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