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White Label your Bookkeeping Services

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What is white label bookkeeping services?

Accounting firms handle clients’ day-to-day accounting. This includes preparing reports and financial statements on a monthly or quarterly basis. They also provide auditing services, an inventory management system, and tax preparation and filing.

When the firm’s workload grows too large, even dedicated accounting businesses turn to white label accounting services. Nikko provides white label accounting service to assist accounting firms in rapidly scaling up their business.

What functions of your office can you outsource to Nikko under its White Label Bookkeeping Services

Increase Your Profits With Our Outstanding White Label Bookkeeping Services

CPAs, CFO firms, consulting firms, and other bookkeeping firms can use Nikko’s entire white label bookkeeping service. Below are the services that are fully covered under Nikko’s white label offering.

Complete Accounting

With outsourced accounting solutions, we assist small and medium-sized enterprises boost their efficiency and profitability. We take care of all financial concerns by bringing the best people and cutting-edge technologies to the table.

Payroll Management

With extensive industry knowledge, we can make payroll profitable. Because of the job’s complicated requirements, many accountants decline it. As the number of employees grows, so does the number of payroll management responsibilities, therefore let our payroll administration service professionals assist you with the necessary accounts data.

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Financial delays are frequently overlooked. However, with our financial understanding and prowess, we’re confident that we’ll be able to examine them and submit them on time. We research, evaluate, and publish well-researched reports on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis to help you make suitable and timely financial decisions.

Bank & Cash Reconciliation

It provides our clients with a clear picture of their cash positions, allowing them to make smarter decisions. Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing whether or not you can afford a new piece of equipment. It’s not a good business plan to wait for the check to clear. It’s time to take control of your finances.

Tax Preparation

We are well versed in the ever-changing world of taxation. We do our utmost to maximize your tax returns using our meticulous experience. We deliver results that are realistic, commercially oriented, and productively responsible. To enjoy the seeds of a penalty-free future, save yourself from tax consequences.

Software & technology Support

Still rely on time-consuming accounting procedures? We support with Accounting software that is cloud-based allows you to work faster and more efficiently. Let our stalwarts handle your hefty data migration from old to new software, and say goodbye to archaic techniques for good.

Industries We Serve

  • Small & Medium Businesses
  • Non Profit
  • Franchisee
  • Cannabis

  • Restaurant
  • Construction
  • Car Care
  • CPA/Accounitng firms

Why choose us as your service provider?

You are in charge.

Business Owners may experience a loss of control when outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping and not completely supervising them. But this is a misunderstanding. By outsourcing to Nikko, you also retain complete control over your business procedures. As if it were an in-house staff, Nikko works according to your feedback.

Experienced Accounting Technical Staff

Defined Process Flow

Unlimited Support

Turnaround Time Achievement

Quality Assurance

Pocket Friendly

Data Security & Confidentiality

Software Experts

Positive Mindset


How To Get Started

We believe each client’s business and their needs are unique hence we commit ourselves to deliver an optimum solution.

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Any Questions? Read Our FAQ

We will assess your monthly transactions during your free consultation to decide which plan is the best fit for your business and deliver a bespoke estimate.
All services are given on a month-to-month basis and can be discontinued at any time with 30 days’ notice in writing.
Don’t be concerned. If you exceed your monthly transaction limit, we will simply charge you per transaction at your current pricing.

There are numerous advantages to white labeling our services rather than recruiting in-house. At the same time, increase revenue, profitability, and customer retention. Beautiful reports under your brand will wow your clients. Lower your risk and costs. There’s a lot more.

Our white label bookkeeping services may add between 30-50% to your bottom line each year for existing CPAs, accountants, tax advisers, and consultants without you having to pay a dollar.


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