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Using Outsourced Accounting Services to Increase Profits and Maintain Competitiveness

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) often face unique accounting challenges that can be overwhelming for business owners. These challenges include limited resources, a lack of in-house expertise, and difficulties in staying up-to-date with constantly changing tax laws and regulations. As a result, SMB owners may struggle to make informed financial decisions and miss out on opportunities for growth and expansion.

Nikko offers SMBs a comprehensive accounting solution that can address these challenges and provide added value to their businesses. Our team of expert accountants can handle all accounting functions, including bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial reporting. By outsourcing their accounting needs to Nikko, SMB owners can free up time and resources to focus on core business activities, such as sales and customer service. Additionally, our use of advanced cloud-based technology ensures that SMBs have access to accurate financial data in real-time, enabling them to make better-informed decisions and seize opportunities for growth. Overall, outsourcing accounting to Nikko can help SMBs improve financial management, reduce costs, and enhance their competitiveness in the marketplace.


Accounts Payable

Critical accounting process that involves managing and paying a company’s bills and invoices needs expert to handle it with utmost accuracy. Nikko can help you streamline your financial operations, reduce errors and fraud, and save time and money. With our expertise and technology, we can handle the entire AP process, from data entry and invoice processing to payment management and reporting, ensuring timely payments and accurate financial records.


Bank, credit card, and account reconciliation is crucial for retail companies to ensure the accuracy of their financial records and transactions. Any discrepancies or errors in reconciliation can lead to costly mistakes that may impact the business’s bottom line. We provide accurate, efficient, and cost-effective reconciliation services that give retailers peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their core business operations.

Financial Reporting

Organizations need to be aware of and understand their performance throughout a certain fiscal year. We provide timely analysis of your financials to examine and assess the financial performance of the prior fiscal year. Financial reports would give a performance assessment of the company.

Accounts Receivable

Process of tracking and managing payments owed to a business by its customers is a very crucial part of accounting. Managing Accounts Receivable can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, making outsourcing to a trusted provider like Nikko a smart choice. Nikko’s experienced team can efficiently manage your invoicing, collection, and cash application processes, improved cash flow, and better financial control.

Inventory Management

Tracking and management of a company’s inventory levels, including the purchase, storage, and sale of products or materials. Our professionals are able to maintain optimal levels of inventory and help avoiding stock outs or overstocks, which can impact a company’s profitability and cash flow.

Setting Up and Implementing an Accounting System

If you’re feeling uncertain about which accounting software is best suited for your business needs, Nikko can help. We’ll work with you to identify and implement an accounting system that is tailored to your specific requirements, providing you with peace of mind while we handle your accounting needs. By outsourcing your accounting to us, you can save both time and money, while ensuring that your financial data is accurate, organized, and readily available whenever you need it.

Key Benefits

  • Cost savings

  • Time savings

  • Access to expertise

  • Technology and software

  • Financials analysis

  • Enhanced financial management

  • Comparative financials

  • Revenue reconciliation

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