Outsourced Solutions Enabling Tax and Accounting Firms to Scale More Rapidly and Innovate



  • allowing you to concentrate on developing better customer relationships and driving top-line growth

Increase your company’s profitability and capacity by outsourcing tax and accounting services.

As a firm owner, you know that keeping your business operations running smoothly can be a constant challenge. During the busy season, the workload can increase significantly, putting a strain on your resources and staff. Inefficiencies, errors, and delays in delivering services to clients can result, leading to dissatisfied customers and lost business. Staying on top of the latest accounting technologies, maintaining a competitive edge, and ensuring regulatory compliance can also be a drain on your time and resources. That’s where Nikko comes in. By outsourcing your accounting needs to our team of experienced professionals, you can free up your resources to focus on your core competencies and grow your business.

Nikko can serve as an extension of your team, providing a range of services to meet your clients’ accounting needs, including bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, tax planning and preparation, and more. Our team of experienced and skilled accountants can work seamlessly with your firm, providing customized solutions that meet your clients’ unique needs while allowing you to focus on expanding your business and offering exceptional service. By outsourcing accounting services to Nikko, your firm can enhance its capabilities, take on more clients, and generate additional revenue without incurring the cost of hiring and training additional staff. Additionally, our white-label services allow you to maintain your branding and customer relationships, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for your clients.


End to End Accounting

We provide comprehensive accounting services that cater to a wide range of needs, from basic bookkeeping to more complex financial analysis. Our services include managing accounts payable and receivable, providing payroll support, Account recociliation and conducting financial planning and analysis to ensure your business stays on track financially.

Tax Preparation

Allowing tax preparers, CPAs, and enrolled agents to manage enormous amounts of tax preparation and compliance burden with ease.

Outsourced Accounting Services

Our solutions help you add value to new and existing clients with ease.

Accounting Automation

Accounting organizations benefit from a strong mix of accounting and business intelligence, which gives them a much-needed competitive advantage.

Key Benefits

  •  Skilled experts with software proficiency to ensure quick turnaround time.

  • Eliminate seasonal fatigue, talent and capacity concerns.

  • Certified professionals who meet your service standards.

  • Flexible staffing options to adjust to peak season or year-round needs.

  • Software and services integrated solutions offered.

  •  Guaranteed data security measures.

  •  Cost saving

  • Accepts new clients.

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