Many CPA businesses are apprehensive to use a bookkeeping solution that is outsourced. Typically, they are afraid that one of their clients or peers will find out. When you white label, this is not the case!

What Does The Term “White Label” Mean?
White labeling allows you to brand a product or service that is produced by someone else for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house or creating it yourself.

What Are The Advantages Of White Label Bookkeeping?

There are numerous benefits to using a white label Bookkeeping service, but here are our top five.

Without the Overhead, Add New Revenue-Generating Services.
The seasonality of client billings is one of the most frustrating aspects of running a business. Adding year-round bookkeeping services will not only generate new revenue, but it will also keep your clients closer with a closer relationship than the once, twice, maybe quarterly contact provided by tax and audit services, or even payroll.

Client Retention is Improved.
The more services you can provide a client, the longer they will stay with you. You’re inviting customers to abandon you and locate another provider who can handle everything in one spot if you don’t give a one-stop shop for all of their accounting needs.

Scalability and less headaches for employees.
If you already provide bookkeeping services to clients, you are well aware of the difficulties that come with managing a large team. When they’re gone, the factory shuts down. Without more bodies, you have no scalability. The difficulties of human resources and employee availability are removed from your firm when you outsource the model.

White labeling allows you to save both time and money. If you don’t have to, why reinvent the wheel? White-label product Bookkeeping services save time and money; there will be no more tensions between you and your clients at the end of the year when the books are a mess and you have to charge them more for the clean-up. No more squandering money by having your accounting staff work on insufficient or wrongly completed Nikko duties that you can’t bill for because your customer would be upset and possibly depart.

Profits have increased.

You can raise the profit margin on the same deliverable to the client when you don’t have the overhead of employer taxes, insurance, and perks. Without any overhead, you can literally establish a whole service-based Nikko department.

Wrapping Up
These three possible problems are avoided by using a white label bookkeeping solution. You can expand your practice without adding new workers or office space by adopting a white label solution. Your clients benefit from high-quality bookkeeping, as well as excellent reporting and insightful business analysis. You’ll have access to the same reporting, allowing you to provide them with real-time advice. You’ll also get clean, expertly created year-end files that are quick and profitable, as well as a passive cash stream that’s equivalent to the profit margins you’d generate if you did the work in-house.

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